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Shroomdom Inc.

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Conservation Stewardship Farm

Shroomdom, Inc.

We are a Field to Forest Farm located near the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We offer Field to Forest Walks & teach proper fungi identification rules. Throw on your boots, bring a collection basket, & grab some water.

Exterme-O-Phile Lab

Where wild, medicinal, & cultivated mushrooms are grown. We offer Cultivation Classes, spawn, & cultures at the Mycopillar. The 3 M's of mushrooms: Magical, Mystical, & Miraculous!

MisBEEhaving Bee's

Old World meets new. Our girls are kept in a Slovenian style Bee house which houses the AZ hives. Our bee's feed on forest trees, cover crops, flowers, & herbs. We  extract and bottle our own honey.

Sustainable Farming

Enchanted Forest Floor

Get ready to take a walk into the Enchanted Forest & never look at mushrooms the same . 


We offer Cultivation classes seasonally, Shiitake logs, straw bales with several types of Oyster mushrooms.

A 100-Year Tradition

We use Slovenian AZ hives to house our bees. This  is over 100-years of tradition and was started by Anton Znidersic.

Field to Forest Walks

We are a family owned & operated. We teach proper identification rules of Mushrooms. We encourage visitors to join a Mycological Society.

Shiitake logs

 Classes are by reservation.You will learn sustainable cultivation techniques, & much more & home  bring home your  own  gourmet shrooms. 

Working the Hives

We were honored to have Professor Ales from Slovenia teach us their method of bee keeping in our MisBEEhaving Bee house.


Shroomdom, Inc. & MisBEEhaving Bee's

Field to Forest Farm

We love our customers, so feel free to  visit. Call  601 795 2611 for a reservation.

Shroomdom, Inc.

23 Rosenbaum Drive Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-2611

Hours By Appointment Only

We are by appointment only for a Unique & Memorable visit into the Enchanted Forest . 

Shroomdom, Inc. & MisBEEhaving Bee's